Analysis of Causes of Braiding Machine Motor Failure

During the operation of the knitting machine, the motor cannot start occasionally. Don’t worry at this time. We can check the possible causes step by step according to the following steps.

1. Check whether there is any problem with the power connection of the braiding machine;

The power cord is not connected due to negligence, which is the most common reason that the motor cannot run. We only need to connect the power cord to solve it;
2. Whether the air switch is tripped;

Check the air switch and reset it;
3. Whether the thermal protector has tripped;

Check the thermal protector switch and reset it;

4. There is an automatic protection system on the hose braiding machine at several points to check whether it is short-circuited;

Check the automatic protection circuit and reset it;
5. Whether the broken wire setting is normal;

Check the broken wire setting, check whether there is broken wire, and troubleshoot in time;
If the reason for the motor shutdown is not found through the above inspections, you need to contact the manufacturer in time for further troubleshooting. Most manufacturers have a certain warranty period for the factory equipment. Benfa Technology implements a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance after-sales strategy for all models produced by the factory.


Post time: Nov-27-2021
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